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by Ross Hill The Addiction Recovery blog at PsychCentral has a very good post explaining how mindfulness can help in addiction recovery.

Abnormally Quiet

The other day there was a debate on the radio about introverts living in a very extrovert world, and while someone was arguing that introverts cannot succeed due to the difficult time they have socializing , the other debater disagreed and believed that introversion is normal and nothing to be worried about.  As you may … Continue reading

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Did you know that exercising helps to ease cravings for drugs and other substances? Some research have shown that exercise plays a huge role in addiction recovery and people who exercise are less likely to abuse drugs, alcohol and other substances because it stimulates reward centers in our…

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NaturalNews Friday, March 23, 2012 By: J. D. Heyes [NaturalNews] It was a report that shocked most Americans: A senior noncommissioned officer walked out of his base in southern Afghanistan well before dawn, armed with his M-4 carbine and a mind full of ill-intent. Before the sun rose, 16 Afghan…

What’s your story?

Source: thefabweb.com via Rafael on Pinterest   Like the light that can be shared through candles, stories can reach the masses.  If you have your own story with addiction, or recovery or have a friend that does I encourage you to share your story…yours may be the story that saves someone’s life!

Stories to Sobriety

Story-telling was a traditional act that occurred decades ago, in order to carry out history.  Today story telling is told in a variety of ways: vocally, through books, through videos, group sessions, or even blogs.  We all have a voice, and sharing a piece of ourselves with others is the best way to connect to … Continue reading

Terminal Uniqueness

When going through difficult times in life, the worst feeling ever is to feel alone… As if no one is there for you, no one understands you and you, and you alone are the only one experiencing what you are dealing with.  It’s normal and a lot of us experience this at times.  We call … Continue reading

Teen ADdiction

Due to changes in technology alcohol advertising as well of the advertising of other potential vices has gone widespread.  Now instead of being reached through images conveniently displayed on our local bodegas, people are targeted while watching TV, during commercial breaks, and during highly anticipated events like the Super Bowl.  Advertisements are also widely available … Continue reading

The Cost of Alcohol

Alcoholism is very costly, often taking over the lives of people.   “The Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences estimates that alcoholism and alcohol abuse in the United States cost society from $40 to $60 billion annually, due to the lost production, health and medical care, motor vehicle accidents, violent crime, and social … Continue reading

Hooked on Drinks : Alcoholism

Becoming an alcoholic does not happen overnight, it is something that occurs over time.  Whether your choice is drinking hard liquor, beer, or wine, alcohol is considered a depressant because after consumption it slows down the function of the central nervous system, and reduces a person’s awareness, judgments, perceptions, movements, emotions and senses by blocking … Continue reading